School can be tough- but staying healthy shouldn’t be! Check out our top 4 tips for promoting self-care during your upcoming school year:

Stay Relaxed Here’s how: Always try to incorporate as much self-care into your weekly routine. Need some ideas? Check out our Mind-Body Guide for things you can try. Some options are to start doing yoga, meditation, and even committing to 7 hours of sleep.

Eat Right Here’s how: Choose to consume more whole & real foods such as lean poultry, fish, whole grains, fruits, and vegetables instead of selecting options like fattier, red meats, and processed starches. Want another trick? Eat breakfast. Eating breakfast kick starts your metabolism & gives you the energy you need to stay focused.

Keep Moving Here’s how: Get more steps by taking the longer route to wherever you are trying to get to. Want an easier place to start? Stand up. That’s right; simply the act of standing up each hour can have a significant impact as sitting for prolonged periods has shown to have negative consequences on your health. 

Sit Up Straight Here’s how: Ditch the infamous slouch and try to be mindful of what your posture is while in class or studying. Your back and neck will certainly thank you. Check out our infographic for tips on how you can set up your workspace to stay away from back and neck pain. 

Preventative care is the best way to stay healthy when it comes time for everyone to go back-to-school. Making just a few adjustments to your daily routine and trying to be more mindful of your health will help set you up for success this year. 

If you need nutritional support or have an injury you’d like to address before school starts, give us a call.

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