Sitting on a long flight and carrying around heavy luggage can be extremely uncomfortable and painful torture to any individual who suffers from back pain - but it does not need to stop you from seeing the world. Here are some travel tips to help you arrive at your destination more comfortably. 

  • Book your flight early enough to make sure that you have a good seat selection. Always try to select an aisle seat. If you’re able to carry out emergency operations, you could request an emergency exit row, which typically will provide you with more legroom to spread out.
  • Try to book direct flights that do not have long flight times. Alternatively, if sitting for prolonged periods causes pain, you could book flights that have layovers so you’ll have a chance to stand up and walk around the airport a bit.
  • Pack light and pack smart. Instead of using one bag that weighs a lot and puts pressure on your back you should select two or three smaller bags that will be easier to lift. Also it can be wise to go with luggage with wheels and use a cart at the airport to transport your belongings. 
  • Pack a small pillow that you can place behind your back or neck to help get more comfortable in your seat. If your feet aren't able to touch the floor, a foldable footrest can help save your knees.
  • Do your best to move and stretch during your flight. This is easier when you’re sitting in an aisle seat. Be sure to contract and move your calf muscles to reduce the chance of blood clots on exceptionally long flights.
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