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Dealing With Mid Back Pain?

In your back your spinal system is comprised of 24 bones stacked on top of each other with a soft "disc" between each segment to allow for flexibility. In a normal and healthy spine each joint should move freely and independently. In is helpful for one to imagine a normal spine functioning like a big spring moving freely in every direction. If a spinal system has a joint restriction is like having a section of that spring welded together. While the spring may well still move and flex as a whole, there will be a portion of it is no longer functioning. Sometimes people experience mild to chronic pain which require chiropractic treatment. 

Creation Of Joint Restrictions

There are many ways in which your can develop restrictions in your joints. In some cases these restrictions may be caused by an accident or an injury. In other times they can form because of repetitive strains or poor posture. Being overweight, smoking, strenuous work, and emotional stress are other ways that your back can be make susceptible.

The Discomfort Of Joint Pain

Restricted joints can at time create an increase and rise to a self-perpetuating cycle of discomfort. Joint restriction often cause swelling and inflammation on the impacted area, which triggers muscular guarding leading to more restriction.

Your spine functions as a unit and not as isolated pieces. What this means is that a joint restriction in one area of your spine often causes "compensatory" problems in another. It is helpful to think of your spinal system, as a rowboat with multiple oarsmen on each side. When one rower stops working, the others are placed under additional stress and can become overworked. 

Symptoms Of Joint Restrictions

The most common symptoms that come along with joint restrictions are tenderness and discomfort in the impacted area. In some cases you may also notice that your range of motion is limited. Movement may in many situations increase your level of pain and discomfort. Pain from a restricted joint often begins to impact your rib cage or up & down your spine. Always make sure to tell your chiropractor if your symptoms include any chest pain, shortness of breath, unusual cough, indigestion or flu-like complaints. 

Long-standing restrictions might even result in arthritis - much like the way a slightly misaligned wheel on your car causes premature wearing of your tire.

Chiropractic Care & Joint Restrictions

If your are suffering from joint restrictions the good news is that your problem is common and generally treatable. Chiropractic care has been proven to be not only the most effective way to treat your condition, but also the safest form of treatment.

At our office we have several tools to help ease your pain. To speed your recovery, you should avoid activities that increase your pain. Always make sure take frequent breaks from sedentary activity. In some situations yoga may ease your back pain symptoms so you could consider joining a class or finding one online.

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